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Lorax Environmental Services Ltd. is a privately-owned, environmental consulting company that provides leading-edge environmental, geochemical and project management services to the mining industry. Our corporate goal is to provide the highest quality services in the most cost-effective and timely manner and, where appropriate, implement innovative techniques and approaches to address the environmental issues faced by our clients.

Lorax hosts a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals capable of conducting and managing environmental projects during all phases of mine development. Lorax's expertise, which is both highly technical and grounded in practicality, has been utilized on projects worldwide and has included feasibility and baseline studies in support of marine and terrestrial Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for mine permitting, subaqueous tailings discharge; acid rock drainage prediction and assessment; the development of waste management strategies; operational monitoring for compliance, the design of innovative treatment systems, due diligence audits and the development of closure strategies.

Lorax also specializes in the development and application of computer models for predicting the physical and geochemical properties of freshwater and marine systems. Applications include modeling three-dimensional ocean and lake currents; produced water dilution and well cuttings fate for the offshore petroleum industry; municipal submarine waste effluent dilution; marine tailings transport, deposition and resuspension for the mining industry; and circulation and geochemistry in pit lakes. In addition, Lorax excels in the presentation of model output using animation, graphics, and other forms of computer visualization.

The practical experience of Lorax scientists is supplemented by our close association with academic institutions and the private sector. Our academic associates are internationally respected scientists from the fields of geochemistry, oceanography and biology and provide high-end scientific input to our projects. This enables us to design and implement studies with a solid scientific foundation, which benefits our clients in gaining regulatory approval for their environmental studies by establishing a high degree of credibility.