Numerical Modeling

Lorax Environmental has developed a rapid assessment model for the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries so as to assess the placement of Salmon Farm locations. 

Salmon farming is based mainly on open net pen culture. Amongst the environmental impacts associated with open net pens, the accumulation of organic matter on the seabed remains an issue, in terms of lost habitat, the potential for oxygen depletion and the recycling of nutrients.

One criterion used by for selecting salmon farm location so that it can sustain planned production levels, gauged in terms of the rate of organic carbon deposited at and near the pen site. As a first step in providing a screening tool for existing and new farm sites, Lorax has used this simple criterion.

The rapid assessment system consists of a 3-tier Java web application, a 3-dimensional numerical sedimentation model, and a PC windows application called SEAINFO for the visualization of model output.