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Acid rock drainage and metal leaching (ARD / ML) has become increasingly important with regards to mine management. Acid rock drainage (ARD) occurs when sulphide rich material is exposed to air and water. The material becomes oxidized resulting in the formation of acidic metal rich leachate that can eventual be drained into groundwater seeps or surface water run-off. Consequently, acid rock drainage and metal leaching is one of the most serious environmental concerns related to mining activity globally.

Lorax Environmental Services has numerous years of experience and a wealth of geological and geochemical expertise with ARD / ML investigations globally. Lorax provides services in all areas of ARD / ML studies, including:
  • Sampling and field investigations
  • Prediction study design
  • Interpretation of results
  • Implementation of management strategies in the prevention and control of acid rock drainage
To develop appropriate models and predictions of the acid generating and metal leaching potential of waste materials at various mine sites Lorax employs a series of techniques. These techniques include:
  • Static Testing (Acid-base accounting)
  • Laboratory based kinetic testing
  • Field kinetic testing
Lorax prides itself on working in close association with our client’s geologists and mine planners to ensure the most practical solution is implemented.