Environmental Management
Pit Lakes
Numerical Modeling
Project Permitting
As the life cycle of a mine is finite, mine closure planning is an integral component. Lorax Environmental has developed and completed a number of closure plans throughout the world.

Lorax has developed closure plans for major mining operations in diverse climatic settings. We have adopted an integrated approach to closure planning, utilizing our expertise in:
  • Mine waste management
  • Acid rock drainage / metal leaching control and prevention
  • Heap leach management
  • Tailings and waste rock cover design
  • Pit lake management
  • Water management
  • Re-vegetation strategies
By integrating these key disciplines, Lorax is capable of developing innovative and cost-effective mine closure plan strategies for our clients. Specific areas of expertise in closure planning include the following:
  • Pit lake modeling
  • Hydrogeological modeling
  • Tailings physical and chemical stability
  • Water management
  • Heap leach and waste dump geochemistry
  • Reclamation
  • Infrastructure decommissioning
  • Development of sustainable socio-economic programs