Environmental Management
Pit Lakes
Numerical Modeling
Project Permitting

Lorax Environmental works closely with the client to measure to develop an understanding of the physical and chemical evolution of pit lakes, and hence determine mitigation and/or treatment strategies. 

Mitigation and/or treatment strategies are typically developed through a thorough examination of the lake chemisitry and biology coupled with an examination of the current lake physics. Using these initial investigative tools Lorax scientists then are able to develop a comprhensive model of current conditions within the the pit lake. By making predicitons based on various treatment strategies these models can then be utilized in determining and predicting the future fate of the pit lake.

Pit lakes have the potential to contribute a wide variety of deleterious substances to the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is important to anticipate changes in chemical and physical properties as a pit lake ages. In some cases the chemical composition of the pit lake may not be important and only the physical properties need to be considered. In other instances, geochemical properties are crucial to developing an effective pit lake management strategy.