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Lorax Environmental has extensive expertise in the area of two and three-dimensional visualization of numerical model output as well as photo-realistic video production of actual and simulated environmental processes. In mining, three-dimensional photorealistic renderings of mine site landscapes are achieved by combining elevation data with two-dimensional texture images.

The use of computer generated 3D visualizations of the mining life-cycle is a powerful means of communicating depictions of pre-mine, existing and future mining operations. Three-dimensional images provide easily recognizable views of mine designs that can be appreciated by non-technical viewers as well as engineers and land use planners.

Recognizing that 3D visualizations are a particlularly effective approach to aiding decisions concerning permitting, production planning and mine closure, Lorax Environmental Services uses visualizations to accurately convey design concepts and options to clients, government agencies, public committees, and citizens’ groups.

Lorax has developed 3D perspective images and animations in several areas of mining infrustructure including:

  • Pit lakes showing highly detailed features such as roads, and benches.
  • Ore treatment plants, dams, and diversion channels.
  • Heap leach, waste-rock, and sediment ponds.
  • Geological ore-bodies viewed through transparent topographical surfaces.
  • Time sequence animations showing pit lake filling, mine closure and reclamation plans.