Dye Dispersion Studies
Numerical Modeling
In 2005 Lorax Environmental planned and carried out the first dye dispersion study in the North Atlantic. The study was designed to better understand the transport and dilution of produced water discharged from an offshore oil production platform.

Rhodamine RT dye was injected into the produced water stream prior to subsurface discharge from the FPSO oil production and storage vessel at the Terra Nova oil field.

In high concentration, produced water is a potential source of contaminants; hence, an understanding of the spatial and temporal distribution of its concentration in the ocean is necessary to properly assess possible environmental impacts.

A surface vessel tracked the three-dimensional distribution of dye concentration for several hours using a fluorometer mounted on a vertically profiling CTD. Data collected over two days in November, 2005 have led to a much better understanding of the behaviour of produced water in the ocean.