Dye Dispersion Studies
Numerical Modeling

Well cuttings consist of small particles of rock produced during the process of drilling offshore wells. These particles are recovered and transported to the surface where they are cleaned to remove hydrocarbons before being discharged back into the ocean.

Lorax models the fate of these particles using a sediment transport and deposition model developed in-house specifically for the off-shore oil industry. The model determines the pattern and thickness of well cuttings deposited onto the ocean bottom using real or modeled currents.

Details of offshore drilling schedules, including drilling duration and depth, are provided as inputs to the model. Using a database of previous drilling results to characterize the sedimentary rock properties at various drill depths. The resulting particle size distribution, density, and settling rates can be determined. This permits a detailed map of deposited well cuttings thickness to be produced for assessing any environmental impact that may result.