Dye Dispersion Studies
Numerical Modeling

A key aspect to understanding potential environmental impacts of oil and gas exploration and production is understanding the oceanography of the region.  Lorax Environmental has many years of experience with physical, geochemical and biological oceanography.
Lorax’s physical oceanographers, geochemists and biologists can effectively characterize the physical, geochemical, and biological nature of open ocean and coastal marine environments.
Lorax provides clients with skilled professionals that have required experience in oceanographic field work, as well as data analysis/interpretation. Lorax has a variety of specialized equipment on hand to suit a project's need, including:

  • CTD, to measure conductivity, temperature, and density;
  • Current Meters;
  • Go-Flo Bottles;
  • Sediment sampling and coring devices.

The ultimate goal of any oceanographic study performed by Lorax is to produce a clear and concise description of potential environmental impacts relevant to the oil and gas industry during exploration and production.
Lorax's highly skilled consultants have experience in working with the oil and gas industry in the capacity of: