Oceanography / Limnology
Numerical Modeling
Visualization and Animation
Specialized Sampling Tools
Acid Rock Drainage
Database/Software Development

Lorax Environmental offers a software development team that has numerous years of experience in the design and implementation of environmental databases and scalable custom software solutions.


From small-scale local desktop to 3-tier web applications, Lorax is well qualified to deliver highly reliable and user-friendly environmental software products written in:

  • Borland Delphi;
  • C;
  • Paradox;
  • ODBC;
  • VTK;
  • MS Access;
  • SQL;
  • Java; and,
  • Javascript

These software products, combined with Lorax Environmental’s skills in geographic and environmental data presentation produce state of the art 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional visualization tools. These tools can be made available as highly intuitive and user friendly offline data display and query applications or online web-based applications. 


The approach Lorax takes to the development of web-based database applications focuses on the display of dynamic 2D representations of vector data. Our web services offer the capability to view, zoom and pan maps and spatial data in a dynamic and rapid manner.