Oceanography / Limnology
Numerical Modeling
Visualization and Animation
Specialized Sampling Tools
Acid Rock Drainage
Database/Software Development

Lorax Environmental offers oceanographic and limnological services to various levels of government and a variety of industries. Lorax’s physical oceanographers, geochemists and biologists are effective at characterizing the physical, geochemical, and biological nature of lacustrine, open ocean, and coastal marin environments.

Lorax provides clients with skilled professionals that have vast experience in data collection for various parameters, as well as data analysis/interpretation.

Lorax has a variety of specialized equipment on hand to suite any project's need:

  • CTD, to measure conductivity, temperature, and density;
  • Current Meters;
  • Go-Flow Bottles;
  • Fluorometers; and,
  • A variety of coring devices.