Oceanography / Limnology
Numerical Modeling
Visualization and Animation
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Acid Rock Drainage
Database/Software Development

Lorax Environmental has produced several three dimensional (3D) computer generated animations in support of environmental litigation.        

Environmental processes in mining and oceanography generally deal with complicated concepts and issues, which are often quite difficult for the general public to visualize. Three dimensional animations and visualizations provide a simple, visually precise and accurate medium to educate lawyers, judges, lawmakers, and juries.

Computer graphic animations and visualizations are an integral part of the services Lorax provide to clients in the mining industry, the oil and gas industry, and in government agencies. Lorax Environmental has produced animations of:

  • post closure depictions of reclaimed mine sites,
  • submarine tailings disposal,
  • well-cuttings and produced water dispersions from offshore drilling rigs, and
  • effluent dispersions from sewage treatment plants.

Lorax Environmental sets itself apart from others in the field of animations as the scientist at Lorax are especially qualified in the presentation of environmental mining and oceanographic animations.

Our extensive experience in the translation of scientific data from conceptual engineering plans or numerical model output to photorealistic imagery is extremely advantageous to clients when visual aids are required in the courtroom.