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Acid Rock Drainage
Database/Software Development

Lorax Environmental Services has had extensive experience with developing numerical model simulations for various industries.  Often the complex behaviour of lake, river and ocean currents; or of ground water systems, necessitates the use of a computer model to simulate this behaviour, and provide a tool for quantifying the environmental impacts. 

Lorax utilizes a variety of computer models, many developed in-house, to investigate and understand complex systems involving mine-related impacts on surface or ground water, including:

  • Three-dimensional hydrodynamic models for calculating currents in lakes and oceans. Depending on the application, the model may include some or all of the following:
    • Tides
    • Winds
    • River and stream inflows / outflows
    • Surface ice formation
    • Shoreline and bathymetry
    These models may calculate dissolved mine-related contaminant dilution directly, or provide currents for use by other models designed to simulate processes such as effluent dispersion, suspended solids concentration, or sediment deposit and re-suspension.
  • Physical / Geochemical models for predicting short- and long-term evolution of physical and geochemical properties in pit lakes.
  • Groundwater models for calculating three-dimensional sub-surface water distribution and flows.
  • Models of suspended sediment / tailings concentrations resulting from solids discharge to lakes and oceans.

Model output can be processed and displayed in a variety of ways to increase a client’s understanding of complex processes and to provide quantitative answers to challenging questions.