Oceanography / Limnology
Numerical Modeling
Visualization and Animation
Specialized Sampling Tools
Acid Rock Drainage
Database/Software Development

When material that may pose an impact on the environment is released, either through accidental spillage or via intentional controlled release, it is important to understand the character of the dispersion of the material. 

Lorax Environmental Services employs sophisticated 3D hydrodynamic and plume dispersion models to simulate the distribution and loading of into the ambient waters. Realistic 3D animated underwater visualizations are used to demonstrate, qualitatively, the motion of the plumes as they settle, disperse and advect with the prevailing currents.

Qauntitative 2D visualizations of are displayed using the SEAINFO model results viewer. SEAINFO is a computer application that allows for the flexibility of viewing and querying model results in a fast and reliable way.

In order to achieve compliance with federal and local quidelines on the discharge of waste material Lorax uses SEAINFO to display static or animated dilutions and concentrations mapped to colour coded scales. Violations of environmental standards are easily determined when limit criteria are prescribed in the SEAINFO model results viewer.