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Acid Rock Drainage
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3D visualizations are often used to illustrate the potential environmental impacts that can occur due to mining activities. Examples include acid rock drainage/metal leaching (ARD/ML), erosion and sedimentation, and surface and groundwater contamination.

Mitigation strategies created to minimize the effects of these activities are often based on conceptual designs which are better understood when observed through a 3D computer generated animation or still image.

Hidden characteristics can easily be viewed by peeling away layers, setting transparency, or removing cut-out sections from a 3D model while, at the same time, maintaining the photorealistic view of the scene.

Reclamation of abandoned mines and as part of the regulatory requirements on existing mining operations has proven to be an effective method for the prevention or minimization of acid mine drainage. Post closure revegetation and habitat development for wildlife are examples of the types of 3D visualizations developed by Lorax to illustrate the mitigation strategies used in response to the environmental impacts of mining activities.